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What Others Have to Say About the Presentations…

  • “Dr. Dick Stenbakken has presented his first person biblical characters multiple times at our Friday U. S. Senate Bible study events. He has been richly received with rave reviews from those attending.”

    Dr. Barry C. Black, PhD., Chaplain, U. S. Senate
  • “I was privileged to witness with fascination Dick Stenbakken’s brilliant presentation of the Centurion at a chapel worship service during our assignment together as chaplains in Alaska several years ago. Since that time I’ve seen other presentations that he's made in several different venues, including presentations to senior spiritual leaders. I have been equally impressed by his professionalism, the quality and content of those presentations, and Dick’s obvious dedication to this ministry.”

    David H. Hicks, Chaplain (Major General) USA Ret (former Army Chief of Chaplains)
  • “I have used Dick Stenbakken several different times for his dramatic presentations of Bible characters at our Pentagon Prayer Breakfast. Each time he comes, the reality of God’s Word comes to life right before our eyes! His presentations are biblically factual, the costumes are authentic to the last detail, and his energetic personality adds life to each presentation. I can easily and happily recommend him to any group looking to grow through dramatic biblical history presentations.”

    Chaplain (Colonel) Bill Broome, Pentagon Chaplain
  • “Dick has a unique gift of presenting Bible characters from a first person perspective. His preparation is thorough; his presentations are engaging and capture the attention of young and old alike. The Holy Spirit is at work to make the stories come alive. The beauty and reality of the Bible comes through in a way that moves all of us to be closer to Christ…. Dick presents the old stories of Scripture in a new and powerful way. Suddenly, you are there – part of the story. I highly recommend this unique and powerful ministry.”

    Pastor Ben (1400 member church in California)
  • “Thanks for coming to the Zama (Japan) Protestant Chapel and ministering to us. It was wonderful! The congregation appreciated all your research and the hard work on the centurion armor. What a blessing! I’d love to have you back!”

    Chaplain (Major) K. C., Zama Chapel Protestant Pastor
  • “The DVDs are an excellent resource…. They keep the attention of my youth in the chapel….”

    Chaplain Phil (State youth correctional facility)
  • “Dr. Dick Stenbakken’s presentations are absolutely magnificently moving. They are accurate in every detail, and grip people from the first moment he enters the room and through the entire presentation. I would recommend him to any group who wants to have a learning experience that transports them back to biblical times and places. The presentations have a force and power people will talk about for weeks after the event. I recently shared the Centurion DVD presentation with a co-worker: she was moved to tears by it. Such is the power of these presentations.”

    Chaplain (Colonel) G.D., Senior Catholic Chaplain
  • “Your presentations were very powerful and enlightening. It makes a huge impact to see how people in the time of Jesus were experiencing the same issues and feelings that we experience two thousand years later. Thank you for coming and taking us on a journey to see Jesus’ compassion in such a living experience.”

    Chaplain D.H. (Hospital Chaplain)
  • “Thank you for presenting stories from Scripture to our small group! You have performed for grander audiences, but none who enjoyed it more. Everyone, regardless of age, became enveloped in the stories. One young man, who hadn’t been to church in years, came as a favor to his father and returned for the rest of the presentations without coaxing!… You brought the characters to life.”

    V.L. (Small church in Iowa)
  • “I am impressed with the authenticity, historically, theologically, and the costumes and presentations. You have blended history and the Bible into captivating stories told in first person narrative. Obviously you have done lots of research…. This approach would appeal to the un-churched because it is not so religiously heavy in the church sense.”

    Chaplain G.C. (Endorser and Associate Director of Chaplaincies on a world-wide basis)
  • “Your presentations were powerful and inspiring to our people. They will be viewing your presentations throughout the year since so many bought the DVDs. You are doing a great work for God.”

    Pastor D.C. (Director of a large – 1800 attendee – camp meeting)
  • “Our nearly ten year old grand-daughter heard your presentation on Peter. She was spell bound! The presentations were awesome!”

    Mrs. A.L., California