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About Dick Stenbakken

Dick Stenbakken


First person biblical narrative is a highly professional form of teaching, exploring scripture, and presenting eternal truths in a dynamically unforgettable way. Although the presentations are at times entertaining, they are not “entertainment.” The listener is drawn into an interaction with the character and the joy, sorrow, fear, excitement, and challenges of that character. Soon it is clear that the presentation is not about “them,” it is really about “us.” The “there and then” becomes “here and now” wrapped in the timeless grace of God.


The Bible is essentially a book of stories. A good story well told sticks in the memory like Velcro. That is why Jesus told stories and parables to challenge His listeners with eternal truth dressed in daily garb. Biblical people may have dressed, traveled, and lived differently than we, but we can understand their emotions, questions, and deep yearning for relationship with God. As we experience Bible biographies, we encounter these folks, ourselves, and the Almighty.


Dr. Stenbakken has presented first person narratives all over the globe with clients as diverse as small rural churches to world-wide youth rallies, from senior leadership meetings for the Army Chief of Chaplains and Army-wide staff, to major health care organizations, leadership conferences, college campus settings, and a diverse variety of military and civilian congregations of many denominations across the US, Canada, Africa, India, Asia, Europe, Japan, and Germany.


Using the advantage and backgrounds of five graduate degrees* Dr. Stenbakken does deep research into the biblical materials, historical backgrounds, theological underpinnings, and human dynamics to discover, develop, and present each character. While it is sometimes necessary to use creativity to pull the threads of a story and life together, you can count on the fabric and finished character to be as accurate as their hand-made costumes and appointments.
(* A Doctorate in Education and Masters degrees in: Theology and Philosophy; New Testament; Family Therapy; Family and Community Education)


Dr. Stenbakken served as a local pastor in Wyoming, then spent the next 24 years on active duty as an Army Chaplain, including a year of combat duty in Vietnam, and four years as the director of Family Life Ministries for the Army Chief of Chaplains Office. After retiring as a full Colonel, he directed Chaplaincy Ministries on a world-wide basis for his denominational headquarters. His chief achievements are an original marriage to Ardis, and two adult professional children who are involved in their local churches.